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Hi, I’m Dorsey Coe. I teach Agencies, Designers, and individuals the right way to attract and convert website visitors into forever clients and brand mouthpieces no matter the product or service. This page is under construction, but I don’t mind showing my work so have a look “in progress”.

Minimum Requirements

Food, Clothing, and Shelter are the bare minimum requirements for anything living (even a website).

Word Sandwich

Your message or content is the food that keeps visitors coming to your website and is the key to converting a visitor into a lifelong client or repeat customer.

Mohair Interface

Web Design is the clothing (or interface) that displays your message on your website and must not be outdated but contemporary and extremely user friendly. 

Maid Service

Every website needs a place to live with maintenance and security tools that continuously monitor, defend, backup, audit and automate cyclical functions.

Extra Credit

There are 5 ways people get to your website and 4 types of people coming to it. There are 3 things you want those people to do when they get there. 5,4,3 is the key to website growth.


The 5 Traffic Sources


Whether Google or a phone book, people get to your website by searching. You control how you are found online using search engine optimization or SEO.


Facebook, twitter, Instagram and dozens of others – Social media is another way people get to your website.


Snail mail, email, text message, etc. The third way people get to your site is personal messages sent out.


Bus stop or Billboard, Facebook or Youtube, any  advertisement would be the fourth way people find your site.

Word of Mouth

Reviews, Testimonials, Affiliate Marketing (and good ‘ol jaw exercisin’) Is the fifth way people get to your site. 

The 4 types of visitors

A visitor to your website is either new (have never been there before) or returning and have either purchased before or have not purchased before

The 3 Traffic Conversions

The 3 things you want someone to do when they get to your website

2 separate but equal parts of the puzzle

Your website and your message are like two sides of the same coin. The message is used to attract people to your website, and your website is used to attract people to your message.
Note: Better to be sincere and not sensational.

The content on your website is designed to give the visitor the most  information in the least amount of time, helping them to reach one of three desired conclusions about your product or service; it’s what they want, it’s what they want or need again  and, they like it so much they want to tell others about it.

Web Content

Create your website message and content first.

Submit Content

Share your content with the 5 traffic sources.

Draw Visitors

Bring the 4 types of visitors to your website

Desired CTA

Convert visitors into clients, repeat clients, and advocates.

Let’s Work Together

I’m looking forward to it – shoot me a message about your project or dream – include your phone number if you’d like me to call you. 


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