In recent weeks, we’ve rolled out the biggest changes to our member dashboard ever. Introducing The Hub, your mission control for monitoring the vital stats of all your WordPress websites, including uptime, performance, and security.

Add as many sites as you want – including Multisite networks – and receive instant security alerts whenever a vulnerability is spotted on any of your sites, warnings when your sites go offline, run performance scans and get detailed information on how you can improve your Google PageSpeed Insights scores, and get notifications when any of your plugins or themes need to be updated.

We’ve also updated our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin in tandem with the Hub so both have the same beautiful user experience and design.

Login to the Hub now and take the tour. If you’ve done it already, do it again! Go to Hub > Support and click Quick Tour.

The Hub vs ManageWP / InfiniteWP / Jetpack Manage etc

So… Why did we build The Hub?

The Hub isn’t simply about being able to manage multiple websites from one location. It’s about being able to keep your websites – and those of your clients – up-to-date, fully supported, optimized, secure and online.

Yes, we know there’s a lot of competition in the managed WordPress space. But we’re not looking to compete – we want to complement what’s already available with beautiful and easy to use tools. If you’ve checked out our recent Hummingbird and Defender announcements, you’ll see that those plugins are not only fun to use but work great in tandem with other performance/optimization and security plugins. We don’t want to replace great plugins that most of you are already using – we just want to make things easier.

We also built The Hub because we wanted to provide our members with simple and intuitive tools for monitoring your sites, while also giving you quick access to our support team whenever you need a hand.

We’ve launched The Hub with only the essential tools for now – one-click plugin and theme updates, security, performance and optimization and uptime monitoring. Stay tuned for more – we’ll soon be adding SEO and cloud-hosted backups.


The Hub

When you log in to your account, The Hub dashboard provides a quick overview of your websites, your Hero and Reputation Points, and any support threads you’re following.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that you can now manage your websites directly from your account. Any websites you run that have our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin installed will be automatically linked to The Hub.

I’ll go into more detail about managing your websites below, but let’s first look at how we’ve overhauled how we reward members.

We've introduced Reputation Points and levels.
We’ve introduced Reputation Points and levels.

Yep, we’ve introduced Hero Points and added levels to Reputation Points. You can earn Hero Points by simply filling out your profile information, logging into our site regularly and referring friends, and you can accrue Reputation Points each time you participate in our support forums, help translate our plugins and themes, and leave comments on our blog.

Levels go hand-in-hand with Reputation Points. Everyone starts out as a Regular Joe and after your first 10 Reputation Points you’ll level up to a WPMU DEV Initiate. The goal is to one day become a Code Norris – because Chuck Norris doesn’t need to conform to web standards, they conform to him.

We’ve also added even more incentive for earning Hero Points. Soon you’ll be able to redeem them for physical stuff, like awesome t-shirts we’ll soon be selling from our online store. (Seriously, they’re awesome. Check out the designs!)

Just a few of the potential t-shirt designs our talented illustrator Julian has put together for our online store.
Just a few of the potential t-shirt designs our talented illustrator Julian has put together for our online store.

From your dashboard you can also get an overview of any support threads your involved in and how many replies there are, and quickly jump back into any conversations.

My Websites

The My Websites section of The Hub is your mission control from where you can get a full  overview of how well your websites are performing and make one-click updates, optimizations, and act on any security threats.

Get a quick peek at the health of your websites.
Get a quick peek at the health of your websites.

Quick Health Stats

Status icons give you quick insight into the health of your sites.

If an icon is green, that facet of your website is in top shape. If an icon is yellow, you may need to make updates to your install. Red icons should grab your attention because your site might be down or have a security vulnerability.

Monitor all your websites in one place.
Monitor all your websites in one place.

Monitor All Your Websites

Keep an eye on all your websites in one place, whether you’re managing small sites for yourself, friends and family, or even larger client sites – you can do it all from The Hub. (And with WPMU DEV it will be hard for you to not have lots of client sites, since they’ll love your site management package!)

One-Click Plugin and Theme Updates

The Hub will let you know when there are any newer versions of your plugins and themes available so you can update them right away with one click.

Keep your plugins and themes up-to-date with one-click.
Keep your plugins and themes up-to-date with one-click.

Security with Defender

The Hub integrates with our security plugin Defender so you can schedule security scans, get vulnerability reports and safety recommendations, activate blacklist monitoring, and customize the hardening of your site in a few easy clicks.

Run security scans from The Hub.
Run security scans from The Hub.

Performance and Optimization with Hummingbird

Cache, minify, combine, defer script loading, compress, and make you site a lean, mean speed machine. Best of all, you can make optimizations in line with Google PageSpeed Insights so you can improve your score.

Improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score with The Hub.
Improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score with The Hub.

Activate monitoring and be the first to know if you site goes offline, experiences slow response times, server errors, or when pages from your site disappear. Get a full log of your uptime, downtime, outages, average response time, and the last reported time your site was offline.

We’ll soon be introducing SEO optimizations in line with our Smart Crawl plugin to help your site climb up the search rankings. Also, look out for our secure cloud-hosted backup service with one-click restore and migrations.


In the Community section of the Hub you can update your subscriptions to any private members only forums so you receive alerts about new posts from other members.

We recommend you subscribe to them all (of course!). Whether you’re interested in web development and coding, business and marketing, or just want to help bug test our latest products, there’s a private forum for everyone.

Our members only forums provide a private place to chat with other members about topics that concern you.
Our members only forums provide a private place to chat with other members about topics that concern you.


From the Support section, you can open new support tickets and keep track of any tickets you have open. You can also access manuals on beginners, plugin and themes, Multisite, or BuddyPress topics, and search through our entire archive of support resources.

You can also get quick access to the blog and soon you’ll be able to join our WP Academy, which is coming soon.

Hub Support Page

Profile, Notifications and Account

On the Profile page you can update your personal information and see a list of the support threads your involved in.

The Notifications section of the Hub is still a work in progress. We’ll be updating it soon so you can manage your email preferences. For now, you can control whether you receive notifications when you get Hero Points.

The Account page is for – you guessed it – account information. Update you timezone, payment information, login credentials, reset your API key and upgrade your WPMU DEV membership.

Even More Coming Soon

Another week, another announcement! We’ve been busy!

The Hub is just another aspect of our service for members that we’ve worked really hard to improve, along with plugins like Hummingbird and Defender, not to mention the release of Upfront 1.0 last month.

We’ve got more surprises to announce in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Have you checked out The Hub? What do you think? We’d love to get your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments below.